Sealed Window Units/Glass/Window Hardware

Cracked, broken, foggy windows, window cranks or locks? We can replace the glass and hardware for a fraction of the price of new windows. With broken windows we’ll board up the opening to ensure you are secure until we can return to install the new glass.


Office Partitions

Are you building a new office or renovating your current office space? We can install new glass office partitions.


Grille Doors

Opening a new store in a mall or want extra security? We can install new grille doors for you.  We can also repair any make or model that you currently have in your store.



In Clear View Glass & Mirror is able to replace your doors with new ones or we can service your doors by replacing the hinges, pivots or continuous hinges.



Are you putting a gym, dance studio, yoga studio or martial arts club in your place of business? Do you need new bathroom mirrors? In Clear View Glass & Mirror can install a mirror wall for your space as well. We can also replace any broken or damaged mirrors.


Hand Railings

In Clear View Glass & Mirror can install new glass hand railings and repair existing interior glass hand railings for office buildings, malls and shopping centers.


Deck Railings

If you have a patio or deck for your business and you would like to open up the view for your customers, glass deck railings are a perfect replacement. In Clear View Glass & Mirror can install new or replace glass deck railings for you.